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Retirement can mean different things to different people; from transition from a full time career into part time work or perhaps to a new career, volunteer work or simply to enjoy life. No matter what retirement means for you, what is important is having the flexibility to enable you to retire and continually meet your retirement goals.

The amount of time you are in retirement can be a very long period of time; maybe even 30 plus years. Do you know whether you are on track to be able to live the retirement life style you envision for 30 years or more?

As we approach and enter into retirement we face many risks we need to manage to enable us to fully retire and then most importantly, stay retired. Some of the risks retirees face and questions you might consider include:

Longevity risk or the risk we will outlive our assets. Have you saved enough money to help support your retirement livelihood for your anticipated lifespan?

Rising health care costs and long term care costs. Have you secured adequate insurance to meet your needs and protect your retirement portfolio?

Potential for rising income tax rates. Do you know which investment accounts you will withdraw money to help support your retirement cost of living and how that will impact your income tax situation in retirement? Do you know how much is likely to be required to be withdrawn each year from your IRA account as your Minimum Required Distribution and how this will impact your household income tax situation?

Bad timing or the risk of having to withdraw investment assets to support your retirement standard of living when the market value is at a loss. Have you built in a process and positioned your portfolio to help avoid taking losses on investments needed to meet retirement income needs?

If you are unable to answer any of these questions with a resounding yes, you need a retirement plan.

Whether you are approaching retirement or retired, Portland Integritas Advisors can provide the partnership and guidance you need to help you move confidently toward your goals.

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