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Your interests come first. When you engage Portland Integritas Advisors we start by listening so we can fully understand your goals and personal financial situation. Then we can align a service offering to meet your needs.

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Understanding your personal financial situation and bringing organization and direction to your personal financial affairs through a custom financial plan is where we start. Only then can you determine and implement an appropriate investment strategy to align your wealth with your financial goals. Our wealth management service is what we call “financial planning based investment management” designed to help you meet your financial goals.

One of the biggest transition points in our lives is retirement.  Planning for retirement and staying retired all require careful planning to address risks such as rising income taxes, increased health and long term care costs, rising inflation, outliving our assets, and realizing losses from short term stock market volatility. Designing and implementing an ongoing retirement risk management plan is a focus of this firm.

Every client relationship begins with a face to face initial planning meeting together. From there, a proposed service arrangement is offered reflective of your personal financial situation and how we might best work together to meet your goals.


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