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What is Sustainable Investing?

Apr 8, 2022

To invest sustainably is an investment approach that pursues financial sustainability or the protection of long-term investment value through identifying and addressing company risks associated with a changing climate, social or demographic issues, and a company’s corporate governance practices.

Sustainable investing adds another layer of financial analysis to help identify additional material risks to a company which would otherwise not be identified through traditional security analysis and including the additional information (ESG factors) into the investment selection process.   

Incorporating ESG factors into the investment selection process is postured for better outcomes and lower risk through expanded risk identification and management, and the identification of better opportunities for long-term financial performance.  

A strategy which integrates ESG factors and issues into investment decisions invests in companies and organizations that take a long-term view of profitability, care about communities and the environment in which they operate and treat their employees and stakeholders with respect.

The identification of ESG factors and issues at the company level is becoming ever more transparent through the evolution and development of standardized financial disclosures to be a part of investor related materials such as the company prospectus. These disclosures will help serve as a comparability standard when making decisions about investing in one company versus another.

At the very least, sustainable investing helps to evaluate and mitigate the risk and uncertainty that results from a changing climate, social changes and issues, and corporate governance practices.  

At its best, sustainable investing helps lower investment risk, provides an opportunity for better long term financial performance and also enables you to invest your resources more aligned to your unique core values; a shift from traditional investing to investing with purpose, aligning how you invest with what is most important to you and being a part of the solution for positive change today and for the future.

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